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Activated Adhesive Tutorial

This tutorial will show you how to use acetone activated adhesive with anodised aluminium asset tags / labels (not for peel and stick adhesive)

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Items you will need

You will need the following items: A bottle of pure acetone (do not use nail polish remover), available from chemists in small quantities or from Hardware stores in much larger quantities. Ear buds (or a small brush) and a roll of paper towel. It is a good idea to use disposable plastic garden gloves to protract your hands (the clear polyethylene plastic ones, not rubber or the acetone will dissolve them). You will also need a bottle of methylated spirits for cleaning.

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Clean the surface

Use the meths and a paper towel to clean any grease (and furniture polish) from the surface of the item to be tagged. Use another towel to dry the surface. If the item is very greasy / oily, you may have to use acetone, however be careful as acetone will dissolve most paints and plastics.

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Peel off the backing paper

Remove the waxed backing paper from the back of the tag, revealing the orange brown adhesive. At this stage the dry adhesive is not sticky.

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Wet the adhesive

Dip the ear bud in acetone and quickly wipe it across the surface of the adhesive so that you wet the entire surface. Acetone evaporates quickly (if you are in doubt, wet it again but do not make it so wet that you remove the adhesive from the tag). Most adhesive failures are from not wetting the adhesive enough.

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Place the tag and press

Carefully place the tag in position and press down firmly. Carefully, use a little acetone to clean any stray adhesive off the surface of the tag - be careful, as acetone will dissolve most plastics and paints. It will take several days for the adhesive to dry out and achieve full strength.

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