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Lasers (1D and 2D), CCDs and Linear Imagers are the main types of barcode scanner families available today. The most common entry level scanners are close range CCD scanners and linear imagers.

There are usually several variations of read range, scanning resolution, speed and ruggedness within each family to cater for different applications.

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CipherLab 1000 CCD Scanner

Fast, easy, and accurate scanning with incredible reliability, low cost, and a 5-year warranty add up to real value. The 1000 Contact Scanner puts more productivity into checkout lines, shop floors, and documentation centers, by accelerating processes and eliminating scanning errors, especially when barcodes are printed closely or poorly. And it's designed for laser-free safety and comfort, while being rugged enough for the harshest environments. The 1000 Contact Scanner delivers 100% productivity in a hard-working, reliable tool.


CL 1000 Contact imager eliminates many scanning errors
Reads up to 67 mm wide barcodes, up to 3 mil and up to 30% PCS
Rugged, reliable, and backed by a 5-year warranty
Widely programmable, supports three sets of data editing, interface selection and symbology configuration.
Supports multiple languages for worldwide applications and includes ScanMaster software
Low power consumption



Datalogic QuickScan Lite QW2100


• Wide scan angle

• Laser-like thinner and extended scan line

• Datalogic’s patented ‘Green Spot’ technology

for good-read feedback

• Two interface options: USB or Keyboard Wedge /


• Built with over molded rubber to protect the

imager when dropped

• Compact and multi-position stand

• Water and Particulate Sealing Rating: IP42

• Drop Resistance to 1.5 m / 5.0 ft



The QW2100 imager is small, lightweight and its ergonomic design is comfortable to use during daily operations. It offers snappy reading performance on most 1D bar codes and features a wide scanning angle with an extended scanning line which is perfect for capturing longer and wider bar codes typically found on utility bills and used by manufacturers of electronic parts. Additionally, the scanning line is thinner and brighter, allowing users to scan at wide angles without having to increase the scanning distance.


Honeywell Voyager 1250g lite Laser Scanner


Ergonomic Design: Fits comfortably in most hands, reducing user fatigue in scan-intensive applications.


Superior Out-of-Box Experience: Simplifies set up with quick and easy stand assembly; automatic in-stand detection and configuration; increases throughput with true object detection.

Extended Depth of Field: Scans out-of-reach items with ease and allows users to scan 13 mil bar codes from as far away as 17.6 inches (447 mm).

Automatic Interface Detection: Supports all popular interfaces in one device, replacing the time consuming process of scanning programming bar codes with automatic interface detection and configuration.


Voyager 1250g provides superior scan performance and extended depth of field, which combine to deliver an ergonomic solution for scan-intensive applications.


Honeywell 1470g - 2D Laser Scanner


Extreme Performance (XP) 1470 series scanner for in-store retail workflows that require a highly accurate 1D/2D scanning solution in a durable form factor. Trust it for industry-leading scanning capability on traditional barcodes and digital screens –: even on damaged and difficult-to-read codes. Backed by a 5-year warranty for corded models, and a 3-year warranty.





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