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The Brother P-Touch printers produce printed polyester labels that are automatically laminated with a clear polyester plastic film and then cut to size (or die-cut into peel and stick strips). Windows based design software allows users to print serial numbered bar-codes, text and graphics. Drop in self contained label cartridges include the ribbon and clear laminating film. They come in widths from 6mm to 36mm and various colours. Labels are water-proof, chemical resistant, scratch resistant and do not fade.



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The Brother PT-9700PC and PT-9800PCN Desktop Barcode and Label Printers produce high-quality laminated labels suitable for harsh environment applications.  

With resolutions up to 360 dpi and a maximum print speed of 3.15 ips, the PT-9700PC and PT-800PCN can be configured to print on-demand, laminated labels that will fit many vertical market applications.  

The printers use thermal transfer technology and self-contained cassettes that include the adhesive-backed label and the lamination all in one. This drop-in cassette makes it easy to change consumables - there are no transfer ribbons to install and align, no need to remove wrinkles from a transfer ribbon, and no need to perform density calibrations at any time. The continuous label cassettes gives you the flexibility to print labels of any length with a half-cut feature that allows multiple labels to be printed on a single strip and peeled off as needed.  

The powerful Brother P-touch® Editor label design software is included with each printer to help you design and print customized, on-demand labels for just about any application. You can create labels with text, graphics, and over 14 industry-standard linear and 2D bar codes. In addition, you can use P-touch Editor to print labels from a variety of data files, including text and CSV files, Excel® spreadsheets, and Microsoft® Access® and SQL Server® databases.





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