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Labels printed to your design can be done in a few hours. We can print almost anything from serial numbered barcodes to logos to address labels. Large or small orders are all welcome and we will courier your labels anywhere. There are many different types of label material, some for specialized applications. A few are shown below for example. They are also available in different sizes than those shown.


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Retail Point of Sale
    Many Retail Stores have Point of Sale systems that use EAN labels. If you are a supplier and need to barcode your products, read the FAQ to see what to do. These are low cost paper labels with clear barcode printing for reliable scanning. 
Asset Tracking
    Tough durable laminated polyester labels are used for asset tracking. 
Circuit Board Production
    Special Kapton labels are required to survive the high temperatures present in surface-mount solder re-flow ovens. This enables the serial number tracking of circuit boards throughout the manufacturing process, which is increasingly being automated.
Serial Numbers for Production

  Serial numbers are commonly used in production to track the assembly of components and finished products. Bar-coded serial numbers are useful as they can be scanned at strategic points in the production process, thus providing real time production rates, re-work and failure data. 

We have developed database tracking software which together with our printing and counting procedures  ensure the numerical accuracy of our printed serial number labels. (This prevents the common "duplicated numbers" error).
Batch Number Tracking
    Batch numbering is often used to track the age of products for warranties or "use by" dates. Batch tracking is also common in chemical, pharmaceutical, cosmetic and food processing industries.
Product / Component Identification
    Components and sub-assemblies are labeled when they could be mistaken for similar looking models or after programming electronic components (e.g. microprocessors, EPROMS etc.).
Calibration Seals

  When removed, VOID labels delaminate, leaving the letters "void" behind. This indicates to the user that the equipment calibration is no longer valid. These security seals have a wide variety of uses to indicate tampering. 
Warranty Seals

  VOID labels can also be used as warranty seals to prevent components being swapped. If the date of manufacture is printed on the label, it can indicate if the part is still within the warranty period.

Another use is in asset tracking of computers. Once an inventory of the internal contents of a PC is complete, the case is sealed to prevent unauthorized removal of memory, sound and graphics cards or swapping out CPU's. 

They can also be used to seal documents, files or stiffy disks. 

Shipping Warning Labels
    "Day Glow" labels are used to draw attention to various warnings such as the "Fragile" label shown. Various bright day glow colours are available.
Address Labels
    Our shipping address labels (for sender and consignee) are clear, convenient and work out cheaper than most laser printer labels. 
Logos and Graphics
    We can also print logos, graphics and text for products and to customise packaging. This is useful where small scale manufacturers have a variety of similar products, as it enables them to use one standard blank package together with different labels for each of their products.  

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