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  We recently started supplying retail chains with our products but they want them bar-coded. How do we get started?   You must register your company with GS1 South Africa ( They will supply you with a set of unique numbers. You assign a number to each of your products. You can either have the barcode printed on your packaging, or we can print labels that can be applied to the existing packaging. Send us an e-mail at for more details.
  I need labels but I'm not sure if I should buy a printer or have the labels printed for me. How do I decide?   There are generally two cases where having your own printer on site is  essential. If the labels have the date or time on them, or if the information can not be predicted easily (e.g. warehouse storage locations) and if you have many different label designs but only require a few of each. 

In most other cases it is cheaper to have the labels printed for you (in the short to medium term due to the high capital and ongoing labor and running costs of the printers).

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