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The Cipher Lab 1500 series includes wireless scanners to unleash workers, so they can go where the work is and get more done, in more places. Our 1500 series Bluetooth ® scanners connect with the communication stand up to 90 meters (295 feet) away. Beyond that, they keep working by storing information in memory until the scanner is back in range.


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Range of Operation

The 1500 series Bluetooth® wireless scanners have a 90-meter line-of-sight range from the communication stand. If it’s not in range, with the optional linear imager and laser scanners, the scanner’s buffer memory holds up to 256 scans in reserve, ready to transmit automatically when you’re back in range again. Or, use batch mode to record over 32,000 scans – that’s freedom to roam widely. The 1500 Bluetooth® scanner with 2D reader has a buffer memory of 10 K or 4 MB in batch mode


Fast and reliable Bluetooth® Class 2 communications
Scanning distance 2 cm to 57 cm, resolution 4 mil
Lightweight, ergonomic design for repetitive use. Built of ABS plastic, withstands multiple 1.2 meter drops onto concrete, rated IP30. Communication stand provides Bluetooth® wireless for up to seven scanners. Innovative three-way auto-sense, desktop, or wall mount stand Supports multiple languages and symbologies for worldwide applications, includes free ScanMaster software


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