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Magnetic Card Readers and Writers

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Magnetic Card readers and writers are used in many applications including access control / hotel guest room access, financial / retail (credit cards), customer loyalty schemes, tradeshows, ATM's, self service kiosks, automated vending systems, airlines, gaming / gambling etc.

Barcode Slot Card Readers are used in access control and check in/out applications.


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UIC MSR213U Manual Swipe Mag Card Readers


● Read and convert magnetic stripe data to USB (Virtual COM) or USB HID/USB keyboard interface. Other interfaces available in similar models include RS232 (COM) and PS\2 keyboard wedge.
● Firmware downloadable / software configurable
● Read magnetic stripe cards conform to ISO 7811, AAMVA and custom data format, 2 and 3 track.
● Manual swipe, bi-directional with USB interface output
● Read high and low coercivity magnetic stripes (300- 4000 Oe)
● 15KV air ESD protection
● Reliable for over 1M swipes life
● LED and beeper for reading status



UIC MSR206U Manual Swipe Mag Card Encoder and Reader


● Read/write magnetic stripe cards conform to ISO7811/1-6
● Read/write high & low coercivity magnetic stripes (300-4000 Oe)
● Write and verify data simultaneously in one swipe single, dual or triple tracks
● Manual swipe read/write with RS232 interface or USB interface
● Write high or high & low coercivity magnetic stripes
● Full featured WIN98/2000/XP utility Demo program
● Programmable data format
● CE, FCC, certified



Marson MT412IR Barcode Slot Card Reader


● Rugged construction

● Reads most barcode symbologies

● PS/2 keyboard wedge, RS232 and USB interfaces.

● Visible and audible read indicators.



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